"I have known and worked with Julie Tugend for more than 15 years, and she embodies the art of thoughtful, incisive, problem-diagnosis and problem-solving…Julie is a skilled listener who combines political and organizational savvy with a strong sense of integrity. She was a key influencer in the development of our highly acclaimed community conference center at the California Endowment."

Dr. Robert K. Ross
President & CEO
The California Endowment



"Julie Tugend is among the most effective leadership and strategic advisors I have worked with in my over three decades as a philanthropy and non-profit executive. Her combined acumen as an expert in organizational development, governance, personnel issues and positioning with stakeholders is unmatched in my experience. She is comprehensive in her approach, thorough in her analysis and also a joy to work with. I would recommend her without hesitation to any leader or organization seeking to achieve greater impact and results"

Henry A.J. Ramos
Board Chair
Nonprofit Finance Fund


"Julie brings a wealth of experience to her executive coaching and team building practice. As a coach she offers keen insight into complex organizational dynamics and provides thoughtful counsel on managing sensitive personnel issues. As a facilitator Julie is skilled at helping teams work through tough problems, build consensus, and make sound decisions. Julie is a master in the art of office politics. I highly recommend her coaching services to any executive trying to build a winning team."

Alicia Lara
Senior Vice President
United Way Worldwide